8 Ways to lock your golf cart


An article derived from the book “So you bought a golf cart?”


A lot of people might think that it is hard to lock a golf cart and well, it can be.  I mean golf carts are wide open and very susceptible to vandalism and theft, but there are a few things you can do to prevent such things happening to your cart.  First and foremost you’ll want to change the ignition switch to a unique key switch. This is the most common (and cheapest) way to lock your cart.  If you don’t change your ignition switch, any other individual with the same model cart and access to a set of keys can just jump in, start your cart, and be off in seconds.

Other ways to lock your cart may be to install a key pad lock, these electronic pads wire into the electrical system and are effective in disabling the cart when parked.  Without the proper key code sequence the cart will not be able to move even with the normal key in place.

You can also install a manual disconnect switch.  This switch can handle high currents and typically disconnects your main power flow from the battery bank.  They are usually installed in hard to find places and even come available with the capability to install a padlock as well.

One no brainer way to lock your golf cart would be to install a security system like an alarm that works remotely to disable your cart with a key fob. These security systems wire into your control circuit of the ignition system. And without the key fob would disable the golf cart to where it would not be able to move even with a key in hand.

A few more ways to lock your cart are to install a wheel lock boot or pedal lock. The draw back here with a wheel lock boot is that it can be cumbersome for traveling with, and better suited for locking your cart in storage or at home, however it will definitely stop your cart from rolling off with a new owner!  A pedal lock might be a better way to lock your cart while out and about and there are several available on the market, these pedal locks lock the accelerator pedal in the up position and it goes without saying if you can’t press the accelerator the cart won’t go!

The last few things you can do to lock your cart would be to either install a steering wheel removal system, or use a steering wheel club.  The steering wheel club, just like in the automotive market is used to lock your steering wheel into an un-drivable position making it hard to drive off of course without steering.  If you have a Grant steering wheel, such as the ones sold here at Stenten’s, they make a security system that allows you to remove your steering wheel and take it with you.  Again it’s pretty difficult to drive a golf cart without a steering wheel.

Well there you have it a few easy tips for how to lock your golf cart.  This article was derived from a very useful book called “So You Bought A Golf Cart?” An owners guide for learning about golf carts. Written by Micheal K. Rosenbarker the founder and operator of Best Buy Golf Cart Rentals and Accutrue enterprises LLC. 

This book is full of useful ideas and answers to the many simple questions one might encounter when buying a new golf cart.  Even for those long time owners and users of golf carts, this book is a well written good read.  Full of pictures and diagrams, offering safety tips for operating your golf cart along with maintenance instructions and help for deciding which accessories to order for your cart.  So check it out today at Bestbuygolfcartrentals.com.  And as always we appreciate and look forward to your feedback!


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