Stenten's is now offering your seat kits in steel or aluminum!  I know the very next question is, well, which is the best option for you?  Let’s compare.

Steel seats are nice because they are heavy duty material and not as likely to scratch, dent, warp or bend.  They are also very affordable, however,

Steel is typically 2.5 times denser than aluminum, which on a golf cart might affect speed when compared to aluminum.   Steel will rust over time,  moisture is steel’s nemesis and considering that golf carts are used outdoors, eliminating the moisture component is virtually impossible unless the cart is  covered or in a garage the majority of the time.   This is why a protectant coating must be applied to prevent such rusting, but even then the risk of the coating scratching or wearing and rust setting in can be a worry for some.

Aluminum seats are made out of heavy duty, rust free, lighter weight material.  It is also a great option due to the protective oxide coating aluminum naturally gives off, meaning, they do not need to be painted or coated to prevent rusting.  This fact is great for those on the coastline who may worry about corrosion from salt water. (For extra peace of mind, all of Stenten’s rear seats do come powder coated anyway.)  A draw back to aluminum is that it does tend to crack or break after welding or re-working.

All in all both types of seats have their positive and negative attributes.  And while aluminum seats sound to be the better choice, steel seats remain the most affordable. Which way you choose to go is up to you, but remember we are always here ready to answer any and all questions for you.  Think of Stenten’s for your next golf cart purchase, where you can find both types of seat kits, plus great quality customer service.  We are here for you!


-Ashley Widmer

Stentens Golf Cart Acessories

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