Cleaning your golf cart battery terminals

It is a good idea to do a regular maintenance of your golf carts batteries.  Over time corrosion will build up on the terminals and interfere with the connection to the cables and reduce your carts performance.  Here is a basic tutorial on how to clean and care for your battery.

Before you begin make sure you remove rings and bracelets.

Step 1

Spray the terminal posts with a battery terminal cleaner spray (BTC321)

Step 2

Rinse battery off and clean off any debris from the battery.

Step 3

Unfasten the cable from the negative (-) terminal post followed by the positive (+) terminal post on the leads to the controller.

Step 4

Examine the battery for cracks or bulging if this is found you will need to replace your battery.

Step 5

Check the posts threads for cross threads or damage to the posts.  If you have threads that are damaged you may need to run a die down the thread to ensure a tight connection.

Step 6

Then use the Battery Terminal Tool (TO009) and turn it clockwise a few rotations to resurface the terminal connection point.

Step 7

Reattach all cables.

Step 8

Spray (BTP320) Battery Terminal Protection Spray to reduce the corrosion and prolong battery life.

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