Do you have the need for speed?

Racing Golf Cart

Golf carts used to be all about playing 18 holes without the inconvenience of walking, but not anymore, now a days everyone is fitting out their golf carts with the latest parts and accessories, anywhere from radio consoles for listening enjoyment to lift kits and off road parts for fun in the mud. 

And well, as with anything that has a motor and the potential to go really fast, golf cars have made their way into the racing world!

With parts available such as high speed motors and gears it’s a wonder this sport hasn’t blown up larger just yet.  The sport, in which speed junkies jazz up their buggies before speeding them around drag race tracks, is growing rapidly though. Early on only a handful of people would show up. Now there are 7 corporate sponsors and an average of 3 to 5 hundred spectators at each event. The governing body organizes competitions in three categories, based on age groups and the speed of the carts. 

I say I am surprised this hasn’t become larger sport yet because along with being just a down right fun way to spend a Saturday or even as a whole weekend adventure. It is also just a FRACTION of the cost to sup up your golf cart then it is for the cost of fixing up a race car.  So for those with the need to speed and a low budget here’s the sport for you!

We supply most all of the parts you might need to make this dream of racing a golf cart a reality, with high speed motors and controllers, to high speed gears and freedom chips, Stenten’s has you covered!

So whether you’re just wanting to get along the green with a little more ease or want to get downright fast on the race track, give us a call today!

Steve WilmerWritten by Ashley Widmer

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