Electric Golf carts VS. Gas golf carts: Which is the better choice?

Gas vs. Electric
A golf cart is a significant purchase, and involves making a critical selection between a gas golf cart and an electric golf cart. Golf carts can make all the difference in your golfing experience but not everyone knows there are different types of carts to choose from. Gas and electric are the two main types of golf carts to enhance your golfing experience. Which cart is right for you? The decision process is similar to what one would go through when choosing between a gas or electric grill, weed eater, lawnmower, or blower. The pros and cons and advantages vs. disadvantages of the two types of golf carts must be carefully reviewed and evaluated before proceeding with a purchase. Here are some comparisons between the two to help you make the best decision for your golfing needs.
To get started, gas-fueled carts need gasoline to operate. On the contrary, electric golf carts utilize rechargeable batteries which will require charging after use. So our first comparison leads us to understand that you can go farther or run for a longer period of time on a gas cart, and immediately use again by simply refueling.  Electric carts, however, can only run so far (dependent upon battery size, typically around 2 hours of continuous use.) You also must wait while they charge before using them again.  I think most would agree that gas wins this debate, but wait there's more.
You'll want to think about the noise your cart will generate, gas carts are much noisier than electric. In addition electric golf carts don't require gasoline and use rechargeable batteries so there are minimal costs when it comes to these types of carts. The main money saver being on gasoline, however you'll also save on routine maintenance such as oil changes.
Although gas prices are at an all time low, the cheapest gas is the type you don't have to buy at all, and of course they are much better for the environment then gas powered carts.  However there is a drawback here, while easy on the pockets and nature they do not pull as much horsepower as the gas carts.  Electric having a 3-5 HP range, while gas carts range between 10-12 HP
Which ever way you choose to go remember just one thing.  Stenten's has the equipment and accessories you need to meet all your customers comfort and sporting needs this golf season!
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