Everyone should know the value of seatbelts

Great things being done by the Sun City West, Ariz. Sheriff’s Office

Seatbelts save lives.

That statement is a known fact that is engrained in us when we are young.  You see the advertisements everywhere; on billboards, on the T.V., on the radio, all over the Internet.  They even have catchy slogans such as “Click it, or Ticket”.  With all of this awareness people sometimes forget that this applies to all types of motorized vehicles not just automobiles.  With the many advances in the electric golf carts these days reaching speeds of 25-30mph is not as uncommon as it may seem.  Even though these vehicles may be classified as LSV or Low Speed Vehicle you can still get seriously injured or even killed if you don’ respect the situation you put yourself in when operating a motorized vehicle.

As golf cart dealers you should always recommend adding additional safety features to carts you are customizing or maintaining.  Even if the cart is not required to go through inspection it is a must to make sure that your customers stay safe while operating their recreational vehicles.

The Sun City West Sheriff’s Office is conducting a FREE event to install 120 seatbelts on golf carts from 8am – noon on a first come first served basis.  This is a great event to raise awareness on the important of seatbelt safety on golf carts.  If you would like more information on the event please follow this link.  The event is scheduled for Tues. Jan. 12th.

Stenten’s offers various safety options for your golf cart including our Standard Lap Belt, a Retractable Seat Belt, and our New 3 Point Seat Belt System.

If you know of any other great events like this please feel free to let us know at Contact@Stenten.com


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