Identifying Your Cart: EZ-GO

It is sometimes difficult to identify which model you might have especially if it isn’t a brand you are used to working on regularly. This is common and we hope with these series of articles we can help our dealers in identifying not only the model and year but also explain the slight differences in the years that make identification necessary. To begin with we will start with EZGO’s later we will include Club Car & Yamaha as well.

The EZGO Company was born in Grovetown, GA in 1954. The company’s main goal was to deliver state of the art technology while using batteries designed in B-17 flying fortresses during WWII. Soon after, EZGO was merged with Textron, Inc. and together they developed and delivered a reliable and powerful line of vehicles.

Marathon thru-1994

The earliest model of EZGO that you will encounter is the EZGO Marathon this model was manufactured between 1986 to 1994. The top supports were bolted to the outside of the front cowl. Rather than the top of the cowl like the earlier models.

MarathonThe Marathon is also known for:

  • Having split seat backs
  • A metal body
  • A front black plastic bumper
  • A controller with four 1/4” tabs
  • Flat metal rear fenders

Medalist 1994.5-1995

After the Marathon EZGO released a short run known as the Medalist from 1994 to 1995. This line can be distinguished by its rounded medal body in the front and rear of the cart.

TXT 1996 – Current

txtFrom 1996 to the present EZGO is still manufacturing their TXT model. This model is very popular and has worked well for EZGO. These carts have a rounded front plastic cowl and handholds molded into the roof. The TXT also has 3/4” front top supports.

Freedom Package

There were many packages that were offered with the various models that EZGO had released over the years and the most common is the Freedom Package. This package just indicated that the model was equipped with factory lights and turn signals. Everything else on the cart was stan­dard.

 RXV 2008 – Current

rxvAfter twelve years EZGO came out with a new model known as the RXV this is generally easy to identify since it runs on an AC motor and has a motor gear lock. Some other unique features are the additional gauge cluster above the steering column and the valleys in the roof, this cart also uses 11/4” posts instead of the 3/4” front top supports that were used in the TXT model.


2Five_SideThe 2Five is the newest addition to the EZGO model line. This model is built on an RXV frame so many of the RXV interior accessories will work with it but as you can see that is where the similarities end. This is EZGO’s street legal or slow moving vehicle and the top and top supports are entirely unique. This model comes equipped with headlights, turn signals and brake lights.

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