Ignition Switch Options

This might be a small part but it sure has a big job.  We have recently added a new part to our line that we thought you would like to hear about.  It is our new universal 2 & 3 position keyed ignition switches.  Your carts ignition switch has several purposes but most importantly it gives you control over your cars accessories, this way you won’t run your carts batteries down.  However with most carts the key to that ignition is a standard flat key.  This is great when you are on the golf course, but what if you take your cart to the store?  With these keyed switches your key is yours alone.  This gives you a little added security when you make your trips around town.  Another great advantage to these switches, over the standard switches, is that we offer a 3 position option that allows you to wire to your accessories.  Similar to your car you will have on/off/accessories.

When an ignition switch fails there are two main items that fail: the switch or the lock cylinder and both have very different symptoms.  If it’s your ignition switch that fails it is usually an electrical wiring problem.  The cart won’t start when the key is turned to the on position.  However, when the lock cylinder fails it is the key that develops the problems.  When the tumblers are stripped the lock will turn with the key.  Another lock cylinder issue is if your key can be removed when the cart is in the on position.  The final issue you could see is if the tumblers shift.  If this happens you won’t be able to turn the lock cylinder and the key will become stuck.  If you encounter these problems you should replace you ignition switch.

Replacing an ignition switch on a golf cart isn’t as difficult as replacing a car’s ignition switch.  With these switches you have either 2 or 3 terminals to wire into.  There is also a large locking washer allowing for a nice surface to grip on the dash eliminating the chances that the unit would slip over time.  The mating nut of the ignition switch has a knurled texture making hand tightening a breeze.

When you put all of these features together the 2 or 3 position universal mount, the wide mounting nuts, the knurled finish nut, and a custom key it really makes a great product.  So the next time you need to replace your ignition switch take a moment and think if your customer might benefit from this new addition to our inventory.

Steve WilmerWritten by Steve Wilmer

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