Is AC the future for Golf Carts

Yamaha Drive AC

This year Yamaha introduced their new Drive AC which runs off of alternating current.  Now this isn’t a new idea since EZGO released the RXV back in 2008.  Both EZGO & Yamaha have both indicated the many advantages of the alternating current motors such better efficiency, greater power and higher dependability but if that is the case what took Yamaha 7 years to release their own version?  When will we see a Club Car Precedent AC?  Is it because the technology is just too expensive to develop?  I think only time will tell. 

Yamaha for many years has been perceived as providing primarily gas golf carts and this new AC motor system on their Drive is a good way to make consumers aware that they are indeed one of the top manufacturers of carts in the industry.  Since EZGO has already released an AC Drive cart years earlier it should be nice to see what the main difference in the two carts actually is as soon as more dealers get them in their shops to service them.

Alternating current is really a great option when it comes to electric motors.  We are carrying the Silver Wolf 4wd system which runs on AC motors and it really does show the power and durability of the motors.  Now, the 4wd system does only run at low speed to provide the additional pulling power that many off-road enthusiasts would require which is a nice feature to have since you wouldn’t need all the wheels turning at high speeds.

As for the Club Car AC drive it would be nice to see if Club Car is currently working on any AC systems but since their IQ system is a solid system and many dealers prefer servicing them I don’t know how well it would be received if it was introduced.

If you are a Yamaha dealer and have had the opportunity to service and see the new Drive AC in the field we would love to know your thoughts so please leave a comment below.

Steve WilmerWritten by Steve Wilmer

Steve started with Stenten’s in October of 2011 and currently maintains Stenten’s digital footprint.  This includes contributing to our Blog, monitoring our technical Forum, and posting to our various social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest.  Along with increasing Stenten’s digital market Steve also has knowledge on many performance parts for golf carts including controllers, motors, and tire & wheel combinations.

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6/22/2015 7:10 AM
Steve Club Car is thing about offering an AC Kit for Used Cars ,
this mite be there way of saying we will be putting in are new cars
5/6/2017 2:17 AM
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