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Lester Battery Chargers

At Stenten’s we strive to keep the best possible products in your hands so you can buy with confidence, confidence that the product that you are providing to your customer is of the utmost quality and reliability. That is why we offer Lester battery chargers and dischargers, because the standard that Lester aims for cannot be matched.

Battery Chargers

We offer both 48 and 36 volt Lester battery chargers set with a variety standard golf cart plugs. Some of the features that the Lester chargers have are:

Convection cooled
Precise charging and termination algorithms
Storage/refresh mode
Wet, AGM, and Gel charge profiles
Encapsulated controller
Charger protection
Made in the USA

These chargers arent only reliable they are durable as well featuring a case that is heavy gauge and powder coated. Also since this charger is convection cooled there is no need for a cooling fan. In addition to these other features the Lester chargers have a precise electrical charging and termination algorithms which prevents both undercharging and overcharging. One last feature worth noting is the storage/refresh mode which is a conditioning charge that allows the batteries to overcome battery self-discharge over long term storage.

Battery Discharger

Just like the battery chargers Lester has kept to the same standard when it comes to their discharger. A discharger is used to determine the battery capacity and to help identify defective batteries or cells in a battery set. Knowing the condition of a battery allows you to better maintain it and make necessary repairs, optimizing both daily battery capacity and overall battery life. Some of the key features of the battery discharger are:

Fully portable
Automatic battery discharging
Laptop/PC interface
Durable powder-coated steel case
500 amp alligator clamps
Heavy duty 8 foot DC cables
Made in the USA

The battery discharger is pretty simple operations just connect the two alligator clamps to the battery or battery set and press start. Data is available instantly on the display in real time. The discharge cycle will terminate automatically based on either battery voltage or time which is programed by the user. The discharger can also be connected to a PC by use of a RS-232 serial port to display in real time, analyze and archive the discharge data.

*All information taken from Lester Product Data Sheets*

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