Office Computers: Your Company’s Connection to the World

A large majority of business wouldn’t be able to survive and thrive without office computers.  Computers are more affordable now than ever before but you need to know what you are looking and know what you need before taking the plunge and getting one.  Some people make the mistake and go to the big box stores and talk to someone with very little experience and little knowledge on what you actually need and within an hour you have spent far more money then you should have on what they wanted you to buy.  So before you go and talk to a Nerd or Genius, look over these tips for buying and setting up your office computer.  It could save you a lot of aggravation and money as well.

Step One – Know what you want the computer to do

This may sound very simple but it is often overlooked.  Take out a sheet of paper and seriously think about what you hope to accomplish with a company computer. 

Will you use it to access the Internet to source parts and find cart manuals? 
Will you use it to set up your company website or update your blog or social media?
Will you use it to keep your bookkeeping digitally?
Will you make instructional videos?
Will you make promotional materials: flyers, banners, ads…?

These questions will not only help you to understand what hardware you would need in a computer but also the software required.  Once you know what you want to do you will have a much easier time identifying what you need. 

Step Two – Know where to buy

Now where to go to find your office computer?  The Internet is the best place to quickly find deals on computers and if you look on sites like or you can sometimes find PCs that have been refurbished and still come with a warranty.

For example I found this setup on

HP Desktop with:

3.00Ghz processor
2GB DDR2 Memory
80GB Hardrive
Windows 7

This desktop comes with a mouse and a keyboard.  So you will also need a monitor.

Gateway 19.5” LED Widescreen Monitor – Refurbished.

For the software: The basic software you will need is Microsoft Office and I found that on tigerdirect as well so for this basic setup office computer would come to $275.26 before shipping.

Now this is more than enough to handle a large majority of your office needs.  If you were to go to to and search for a desktop package you would pay around $540 plus freight.

Step Three – Protect your investment

Finally there are a few additional things you will need to do to ensure that you protect your investment.  First, I would recommend you configure Microsoft’s Security Essentials to help guard your computer against virus and spyware.  I would also suggest you download Malwarebytes to protect against malware.  Second, you should set up a backup system.  Now this doesn’t have to be elaborate it can be as simple as writing on your calendar to back up your important files to an external hard drive every Friday.

I hope these tips will help you on your way to adding an office computer to your business and with so many of your customers connected with various devices you can’t really afford to not be connected as well.

Steve WilmerWritten by Steve Wilmer

Steve started with Stenten’s in October of 2011 and currently maintains Stenten’s digital footprint.  This includes contributing to our Blog, monitoring our technical Forum, and posting to our various social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest.  Along with increasing Stenten’s digital market Steve also has knowledge on many performance parts for golf carts including controllers, motors, and tire & wheel combinations.

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