Safely Celebrate Independence Day on Your Golf Cart

Many golf cart communities host parades to celebrate holidays and decorating your cart is a great way to show off your cart and your style.  Just be sure to exercise caution to make sure everyone stays safe during the festivities.  Here are some tips to keep in mind as you get ready for the big celebration:


Before you even begin taping tinsel or sticking flags on to your cart first you must first give your cart a thorough cleaning.  After you have hosed down the cart check your brakes, lights, seat belts, and batteries. You want to make sure there are no mechanical issues before you begin.


Grab yourself a pen and start brainstorming.  Think about your theme and start jotting ideas down on how you can best show your patriotism.  Remember thought that you want to make sure that you are not obstructing your view or the operation of the cart so be sure to keep streamers and low hanging decorations away from the wheels and any moving parts such as pedals and steering wheels.  Also if you will be running additional lighting it is recommended that you wire these accessories through a voltage reducer that brings your entire 36 or 48 volts down to the needed 12 volts that most golf cart accessories require.


When decorating your cart don’t forget to wrap the top supports with colored wrapping and streamers.  You can mount decorations to the top but be sure they are securely mounted and will not shift while you are driving.  Before the event test drive the cart to ensure that everything is working properly and that your adornments are securely fastened.

Day of the event: Show off your cart!

Now just because this is an event don’t forget general safety practices such as seatbelts and never let underage children drive.  There will be many people attending parades and you must always be alert for a stray person to wander into the road trying to get that perfect photo.

If you are conscious about safety while you decorate and prepare for an event you will be more likely to ensure that unwanted accidents don’t occur.

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