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With all the things that I have learned working in this industry there is one thing I will never forget and that is simply – You can’t know everything.  That’s why most times it is more important to know where to get then answer then what the actual answer is.

Just last week there was a dealer that called looking for a solenoid for a 1999 Carryall 1 now I know that it is a 48volt system but I wasn’t sure which solenoid would be the correct one for him since we carry several 48v solenoids none of which were specific for the 1999 Carryall.  So I told him what I tell all my dealers when I find a product I’m unsure of “let me look into this and I’ll give you a call back”.  So I did some digging and found the parts manual for the 1999 Club Car Carryall and found that the solenoid used in those carts was an OEM# 101883601.  This solenoid was one that we had in stock and the description we had was for other Club Cars but not the 1999 Carryall.  So in just about 10 minutes I was able to not only find the part this dealer was looking for but it was in stock and we shipped it that day!

Club Car Carryall Diargam

We do try our best to find exactly what you are looking for or if we don’t stock it and it is an OEM part most times we can order it for you, but in sometimes either we just can’t get a part or they don’t make a part and we try our best to give you tips to help you with that also.  One of our dealers had a customer with an old Melex and they wanted to upgrade their steering wheel, but we don’t have an adapter for a Melex and my supplier doesn’t make one so there was no way for me to order one for them.  After a little time researching it though I was able to find another individual who cleverly took the original wheel and manufactured an adapter and I was able to forward this information on.  I wasn’t able to get a product but at least I found an alternative for the dealer.

Melex Steering Wheel Adapter

This is the level of service you will get when ordering from Stenten’s.  We will do everything we can to get you what you need!  This way you can focus your time and energy on what is important to you – Your customers!  I know from my own experience how infuriating it can be when you call somewhere and if you don’t have their part number you are up a river without a paddle don’t let that happen to you or your customer.  Give us a call and get the parts you need to get your customers on their way.

Steve WilmerWritten by Steve Wilmer

Steve started with Stenten’s in October of 2011 and currently maintains Stenten’s digital footprint.  This includes contributing to our Blog, monitoring our technical Forum, and posting to our various social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest.  Along with increasing Stenten’s digital market Steve also has knowledge on many performance parts for golf carts including controllers, motors, and tire & wheel combinations.

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