Social Ecommerce and Your Business

Social MediaSocial media is a growing business.  Facebook alone has 1.19 billion monthly users.  That is an incredible amount of people using just one form of social media and over 874 million users use their mobile phones to access their accounts.  With so a large audience doesn’t it seem like a simple choice to extend your brand into the social media sites?  Now social media is more than just Facebook it also includes Twitter, blogs, forums, YouTube, podcasts, etc.  These outlets are perfect for small and large businesses alike because it allows you to connect and communicate very quickly and easily with your customers.

You can use all forms of social media to not only sell to your customers but also to connect to them.  Find out what products they love and also what products they hate.  People are more likely to tell you about bad experiences or products on social media than in person or over the phone.  The most important thing you can do as a small business is answer problems or concerns properly.  If someone doesn’t like a product don’t ignore the problem answer it directly and quickly even if the answer is “We will look into it”.  I know it sounds like your brushing them off and in fact you are just for a time while you actually look into it as long as you reply in a reasonable time with a well put together solution your customer and future customers will respect you and trust you.

One of the easiest things to accomplish with social media is visibility.  With determination you can quickly build a following and with frequent, regular posts you can build brand recognition and loyalty.  This all depends on the quality of the content that you share and distribute.  If your company is doing good things and you share this your followers will be more likely to share this with their friends and networks.  The main key is to use social media on a consistent basis, this way you are always adding fresh content to your sites and this will attract more visitors to your website.

Social media is not only for your personal lives anymore with the amount of users that use it on a daily basis with a little planning and ingenuity you can use it as a great resource for your business.  Don’t limit yourself to just Facebook & Twitter don’t forget if you create an online blog or forum this will help direct traffic to your site where your products are and increase your chances of turning visitors into customers.

Steve WilmerWritten by Steve Wilmer

Steve started with Stenten’s in October of 2011 and currently maintains Stenten’s digital footprint.  This includes contributing to our Blog, monitoring our technical Forum, and posting to our various social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest.  Along with increasing Stenten’s digital market Steve also has knowledge on many performance parts for golf carts including controllers, motors, and tire & wheel combinations.

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