Summer Time Business Heating Up!

As the spring becomes summer, we notice a surge in our business. Along with the business heating up, the thermometer rises as well. These high temperatures can be a real concern here in Southwest Florida. This month I will speak about the product that started Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories, a beverage cooler.  Medical professionals here in Florida always recommend keeping your cooler stocked with bottles of water, and ice. I recommend keeping your cooler attached to your cart. We sell various styles of coolers, from a 6 pack Igloo cooler, that would be perfect to keep a lunch on the go chilled, to a customized unit that fits 12 of your favorite 12 oz beverages, OR 8 20 oz bottles, and is wrapped in your company logo (or Country Club Logo)! The Deluxe cooler is sold with mounting brackets particular to your cart model.

           We also have a universal bag type cooler that straps to the front cowl of the cart. It is soft sided, and would be perfect for outfitting a cart for a special weekend, or a rental unit that you don’t want to permanently mount a cooler to.

          If you want a cooler that could be removed and taken to the beach, or barbeque, we offer two choices. Our more popular model (CO12HBCA) is a 12 pack cooler that sits in a basket. We also have its’ baby brother, if you were looking for a product that is not so bulky. (CO0HBCW) This unit also sits in a basket for easy removal of the cooler. Each of these units needs a bracket to mount to each specific model of cart, so don’t forget to talk to us about the cart itself! 

          We run a special sale each month, and this month happens to have a sale on the two coolers I just mentioned. The 12 pack cooler normally MSRP @ $69.32.  This month it is just $54.00!  The 6 pack cooler normally MSRP @ $51.30.  Through the end of June it is sale priced at $40.00.  This is a great time to stock up on coolers if your shop sells them, and they have never been priced this low!

Nate BarronWritten by Nate Barron

I am the newest Sales Rep for Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories. I spent the first 34 years of my life in Western New York. I grew up near Jamestown and attended Jamestown Community College, and then the State University of New York in Fredonia before working as a Sales Rep and Test Engineer for a major heat exchange manufacturer. I enjoy spending my free time fishing in beautiful Charlotte Harbor, and helping my daughters to experience the great outdoors.

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