The Stenten Story - Chapter Three

Last issue I introduced Ernie, my first paid employee. We were already growing, so now I needed a place other than my one bedroom condo.  It was a nice place on the third floor but they frowned on any trucks or such.  I found the perfect place right on the bay with a dock, a one bedroom cottage that had been a guest house and now was a rental.  My landlords were great.  There was a carriage house on the property and I asked if I could store some stuff in there.  They hadn’t anticipated that it was going to be a whole truck full of coolers.  When George (my landlord) saw that he said “no can do.”  I moved them all to my cottage.  I had six pack coolers in cardboard boxes from floor to ceiling on the walls of my bedroom.  In the living room I used them as end tables and coffee table, just put a towel or table cloth over them to disguise is the odor of cardboard boxes in a small place.  Everything you have starts to smell like slightly damp cardboard.  Not very sexy.

George suggested that I needed to move my business venture out of the cottage… here we go again.  A couple of blocks away there was a small strip center and I rented the back room of an insurance agency.  It had its own door off the alley and one light bulb.  No phone, no problem… I could run back and forth to the cottage and I had an answering machine.  That didn’t last long as I was moving on up.  Rented a 12 by 12 room in the front of a mini warehouse and it came with two mini bins in the back.  At this point I put in a phone line and I was off and running.  I had an employee, Ernie, and a room and a phone, WOW!  As we packed things we put them out in front of the building for UPS to pick up.  Stenten’s was on its way.

~M. Stenten


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