The Stenten Story - Chapter Two

Stenten People

Over the next several months we are going to try and introduce you to some of our folks.  Since we are running with the Stenten story I’ll try to introduce as they came to be part of our story.

Ernie Williford is an original.  He was my very first paid employee.  Big money too, $5.00 an hour.  Ernie is a musician and wasn’t working days at the time so he agreed to help out.  He was packing and shipping and sweeping the floor.  I agreed that his music always came first and I still honor that if he has an important gig come up.  He’s never taken advantage of our agreement.

Ernie went on the road with his electric guitar and his voice when he was 17 and pretty much played all over the country.  When anyone mentions a small town Ernie can tell you where it is and where he played.  He did some big towns too, towns like New Orleans. One summer he played at Otesaga in Cooperstown.

He went from electric guitar to bass some 20 or so years ago and has performed all over Florida.  He is well respected in the music industry.  He plays a mean bass and has a great voice.  Jazz and Dixieland would be his favorite but his repertoire is far greater… Just doesn’t give him as much pleasure.  During the boom years he was working for me during the day and playing every night.  He’s a decent tennis player and a better than average golfer.


 Did I mention that he’s married to my sister?


~M. Stenten

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