How to keep your concentration in any circumstance

Your concentration can prove vital in a number of circumstances, whether you conducting a seminar, studying for an exam or even trying to hit that full house.  At the end of the day, if you have high levels of concentrations, you’ll therefore see more positives outcomes. For me, concentration is a key mechanic in regards to winning big in casinos. If you decide to head down to the casino one weekend, you need to make sure you have your wit about you and make sure you concentrate on the activities going on in your surroundings. To make sure you are going to a casino that works with you, go on to read the description and reviews, so you know exactly what you are walking into.  After making sure you are heading to the right casino, you’ll then need to make sure that your concentration levels are up to scratch. Here are a few exercises to edge yourself above your opponents:

Sitting still in a chair

This might seem a bit odd and pointless but sitting still in a chair can actually develop your patience and tolerance levels. This exercise is actually harder than you may think and the main objective is sitting completely still, which can become quite tedious. Watch and see that you are not making any involuntary movements, because the main task is trying to stay completely still. After a little practise, you will begin to discover that you can sit perfectly still, which we allow you in future event to compose yourself in stressful situations thus making it easier to relax.

Glass focus 

Another easy but tedious task that can really help your concentration levels is the glass focus exercise. What you need to do is fill up a small glass of water and grasp it by the fingers.  After you put your arm directly in front of you, try to fix your eyes upon the glass and try to keep the arm so steady that no movements will be noticeable. The purpose of this exercise is gaining the control over the involuntary muscular movement, making your actions entirely voluntary.

The hypnosis method

Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds, this exercise is actually a really nice and content method of getting yourself relaxed. Before you start this, make sure you’re in an isolated area in complete silence. This will help you get in the hypnotic state. Once you’re in this environment, sit yourself on a chair, with the correct posture and close your eyes. Concentrate on you breathing, counting from 1 to 5. After this, think of calm and a relaxing setting- a beach for example. Once you have that in mind, take into account everything consisting within this setting- the smell, the noises, the feelings. Once you have successfully moulded this in your head, if you have done it right, you will in fact, fall in a hypnotic state within this environment, cancelling out any stress that may have seeped in your mind set.   

Summer Time Business Heating Up!

As the spring becomes summer, we notice a surge in our business. Along with the business heating up, the thermometer rises as well. These high temperatures can be a real concern here in Southwest Florida. This month I will speak about the product that started Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories, a beverage cooler.  Medical professionals here in Florida always recommend keeping your cooler stocked with bottles of water, and ice. I recommend keeping your cooler attached to your cart. We sell various styles of coolers, from a 6 pack Igloo cooler, that would be perfect to keep a lunch on the go chilled, to a customized unit that fits 12 of your favorite 12 oz beverages, OR 8 20 oz bottles, and is wrapped in your company logo (or Country Club Logo)! The Deluxe cooler is sold with mounting brackets particular to your cart model.

           We also have a universal bag type cooler that straps to the front cowl of the cart. It is soft sided, and would be perfect for outfitting a cart for a special weekend, or a rental unit that you don’t want to permanently mount a cooler to.

          If you want a cooler that could be removed and taken to the beach, or barbeque, we offer two choices. Our more popular model (CO12HBCA) is a 12 pack cooler that sits in a basket. We also have its’ baby brother, if you were looking for a product that is not so bulky. (CO0HBCW) This unit also sits in a basket for easy removal of the cooler. Each of these units needs a bracket to mount to each specific model of cart, so don’t forget to talk to us about the cart itself! 

          We run a special sale each month, and this month happens to have a sale on the two coolers I just mentioned. The 12 pack cooler normally MSRP @ $69.32.  This month it is just $54.00!  The 6 pack cooler normally MSRP @ $51.30.  Through the end of June it is sale priced at $40.00.  This is a great time to stock up on coolers if your shop sells them, and they have never been priced this low!

Nate BarronWritten by Nate Barron

I am the newest Sales Rep for Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories. I spent the first 34 years of my life in Western New York. I grew up near Jamestown and attended Jamestown Community College, and then the State University of New York in Fredonia before working as a Sales Rep and Test Engineer for a major heat exchange manufacturer. I enjoy spending my free time fishing in beautiful Charlotte Harbor, and helping my daughters to experience the great outdoors.

Stock Up For Summer!

Summer is here and Father’s Day is right around the corner.  Now is the time to make sure your shelves are properly stocked for gifts for both Dad’s & Grads.  In the spirit of many dealers’ needs to stock up we have placed our coolers & baskets on sale to make filling out your shelves a little easier on your wallet.  This is a great item since it can be installed on any cart and is needed by all.

If you are currently stocked on coolers that’s okay just make sure you take this time to check your inventory levels on the other items your customers may need.  Since the weather is getting nicer many people will be using their carts a lot more and that means wear and tear on the belts, brake shoes, etc.  When something breaks they don’t want their cart to be out of commission for too long so be sure you have these items handy so you can get them back on their way.  If you don’t someone else might!

Steve WilmerWritten by Steve Wilmer

Steve started with Stenten’s in October of 2011 and currently maintains Stenten’s digital footprint.  This includes contributing to our Blog, monitoring our technical Forum, and posting to our various social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest.  Along with increasing Stenten’s digital market Steve also has knowledge on many performance parts for golf carts including controllers, motors, and tire & wheel combinations.

Gearing up for Golf!

Summer is fast approaching and with it, our favorite past time GOLF!  You just can’t wait to get back on the green. There’s no doubt your more than ready…but are you really?  What if you aren’t?

Well, you will be, with these great tips to tune in and shape up your game before that first official tee time! They are sure to help you confidently give it your best 18 time and time again this summer.

First and foremost your gear needs to be up to par.  Excuse the pun. This means cleaning out that golf bag you haven’t touched since last season, and restocking it with all your essentials.  Be sure to include the sunscreen as we know it tends to be forgotten until that all too familiar burn sets in around Hole 9.  While on the subject of your equipment, be sure to check your bag, club grips and covers for wear in case a repair is needed.  Don’t skimp on these repairs due to expense as you might be happily surprised to find new grips, for instance, aren’t as expensive as one would think and have been known to make a huge difference in one’s golf game. 

Now that your gear is set to go be sure to put it to work!  Get out there for some early morning practice rounds to shake the rust off.  The most important thing here is not to forget your short game.  You can practice the long shots all day long and get them down pat, but when the pressure is really on its those short shots that tend to kill us.  So don’t forget to spend time in the putting range as well.

A large part of getting your game back includes being fit or lets face it for some of us at least just physically WELL.  If you can’t get a whole exercise routine in your daily schedule at least spend some time each morning stretching and again right before you hit the course.  You’ll find a good stretch really helps you to limber up and relax for those more stressful shots.  Another important part of being well is paying attention to your diet.  You don’t have to give up that juicy steak at dinner time but try to incorporate a more balanced diet to up your energy and improve your stamina so you can make it those 18 holes with energy to spare.

Finally be sure to fit out your golf cart for convenience.  Nothing is more aggravating then searching for an item you should have ready in between holes.  Your score card for one.  We have score card holders for 5 and 6 hole steering wheels to keep you organized through your game.  Along with that same sentiment we offer and have a wide variety of accessories to help keep the items you need mot conveniently at your fingertips:

  • Scorecard holders - SWS601 Available for 5 and 6 hole steering wheel application
  • Power outlet to charge your phone – PO000
  • Phone holder which attaches conveniently to the steering wheel – PH000
  • Bag rack bars – BRB000 
  • Sun Visors to keep the glare on the course out of your eyes with out obscuring your view – SV000-T
  • Drink caddy’s with cup holders for miscellaneous items – DC2000B

We offer many other great products depending on your specific golfing needs so check out our great products, gear up for summer and don’t get caught unprepared on the green!

Steve WilmerWritten by Ashley Widmer

Ashley started her career in customer service in 2004 and since has been dedicated to the highest quality of service possible for all of her clients. She became a part of the team here at Stentens in January of 2015 and is invested in our Sales department. In a business world that is leaning farther toward touch tone phone conversations and automated responses she understands the need for an individualized sales relationship with your Stenten’s Representative. Call her today with your questions or feedback, shes always happy to help!

Street Legal Golf Cars

Depending on where you live, a NEV, or Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, may be a great option. Many communities are mandating the cessation of Fossil Fuel burning transportation, or strongly encouraging the use of electric vehicles. You need to check your local regulations in regards to what makes a Golf Car ‘Street Legal,’ as well as safe to operate.  Most laws specify at least; 3 point retractable seat belts, fully functional lights (Headlights, Taillights, Turn Signals, and Brake Lights), a windshield, reflectors on front, rear, and sides, a top speed of 25 mph (40 kph), internal and exterior mirrors on both sides of the car, parking brake and Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN.  Most importantly a street legal Golf Car may only travel on roads where the speed limit is 35 MPH or lower. Most states also require you to register your Golf Car with your state, as you would any other car or truck.  These are general guidelines, and each builder, or owner MUST comply with local regulations. Communities like the Villages here in Florida have their own guidelines. Once you understand the rules, we will get the parts to you and give you the support to get your street legal Car on the road fast!  Stenten’s carries seat belts, light kits, windshields, mirrors, and virtually anything else you need to take your cart from the lawn to the grocery store.

Nate BarronWritten by Nate Barron

I am the newest Sales Rep for Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories. I spent the first 34 years of my life in Western New York. I grew up near Jamestown and attended Jamestown Community College, and then the State University of New York in Fredonia before working as a Sales Rep and Test Engineer for a major heat exchange manufacturer. I enjoy spending my free time fishing in beautiful Charlotte Harbor, and helping my daughters to experience the great outdoors.