Cooler Tray

  • No more need to exit the golf car to access your cooler.

  • It's only an arm's reach away. Cooler Tray/Valet Tray frees up the limited space on the rear of most golf cars for other accessories while still providing a place to keep those beverages cold.

  • The cooler is strong, lightweight, and durable.

  • Fits virtually all makes and models of golf carts. Please note that the 12 pack cooler is large on Yamaha golf carts and may impede visibility.

  • Mounts easily and securely to the steering column with our simple mounting bracket and hardware.

  • Does not impede entry or exit, interfere with vehicle operation, or impair vision.

  • Front edge of cooler does not touch windshield.

  • Designed to provide a secure fit, yet the cooler can be removed easily at any time.

  • Made of high impact polyethylene plastic.

  • A complete case of 250 12-gauge shotgun shells fits perfectly within the tray.

Great for mounting a 12-pk or 6-pk cooler.

Mounts on steering column.

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