Light Package - LED Basic - Precedent - Electric


Club Car Precedent Golf Cart light package economy basic kit includes LED headlight bar and bumper assembly, LED tail lights, wire harness with push pull switch and in-line fuse, and instruction sheet for electric club car precedent.  The tail lights not only adhesive backed but also feature a small mounting tab to provide a more secure fit.  For club car precedents new than 2008 you will need the kit that includes the bucket wire harness.  This is not required for 2007 and older carts; as this was provided when the carts were manufactured.  Also if your cart has 8 volt batteries you will need a voltage reducer.

If you need help identifying the year of your cart please locate the serial number plaque which is located at the lower edge of the dashboard.  The serial number will be 12 characters and it indicates the model, year and production week it was produced in the first 6 characters. 

So for example serial number:


PQ = Precedent Electric
06 = 2006 Model Year
04 = Fourth Production Week

Adding headlights and tail lights to your golf cart is great value as it makes it easier for pedestrians and other motorists to see and be aware of your cart in low light situations.

  • Includes LED HEADLIGHTS in one light bar.
  • Pair of LED TAIL LIGHTS in bezels.
  • WIRING HARNESS with in-line fuse.
  • Push-pull dash switch.
  • Precedent Electric.
  • Separate kits available for the 2008+ and the 2007 &older carts.
  • 2008+ kits include the Bucket Harness.