Gorilla Guard

SKU: GG000

This light weight, multi-layered, protective barrier made from cutting edge materials.  It will help protect your garage from messy petrochemicals, battery acid, harsh cleaners, and all dirt and grime.  The fluids are collected in the upper layer and trapped there so no need to worry about your floor protector being damaged.

“A layer of Woven High Tech Micro Fiber is permanently bonded to an Impermeable Membrane. This Micro Fiber provides a high amount of surface area for maximum absorption. The lower layer traps gas, oils, battery acid, cleaners and other harmful fluids. They won't leak through!

Gorilla Guard Floor Protector is light weight, easy to store and transport, folding down to just 24" X 15" X 2" and weighs only 4 lbs.”

-Club Clean

Protective mat.

Super absorbent.

Durable and long lasting.

5" x 8.5".

Simply cut w/scissors to cover any area.

Cleans with mild detergent, clear water rinse then air dry.