Ignition Switch - Multi-Position

SKU: IS0002

These multi-position ignition switches are a great option for your golf cart.  They are keyed specific so just like your automotive ignition no two ignition switches will be keyed the same.  This gives you more security over the universal flat fleet keys that are common to golf carts. Since they are universal they will fit onto almost any golf cart type such as Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha, etc.  These ignition switches are offered in two types 2 position or 3 position.  The switches are easily installed since only a single whole is required to secure the switch to the dash.  Each multi-position ignition switch comes with: the switch and two keys on a ring. 

If you are looking to add additional security and safety to your golf cart a personalized multi-position ignition switch will insure that your golf cart stays put.  With so many golf cart related accidents attributed to adolescences joy riding in their parents or grandparents golf carts because they found or purchased a flat fleet key but with these keyed specific keys these tragedies can be avoided.

  • Personalized keyed switches give added security.
  • 2 or 3 postion keyed ignition switches. Electric.
  • 3-position allows for on/off/accessories
  • Electric or Gas golf carts