Seat Belts - Retractable

SKU: SA001

May be required in some areas if your cart is used on the roadway.

Universal fit.

Can be used on front or rear seat.


Also available sold as a kit with our Seat Belt Bar.

Golf carts are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of purposes, from recreational golfing to transportation. While golf carts are typically used for leisure activities, there’s no denying that they offer a quick and efficient way of getting around. However, when it comes to safety, golf carts are often overlooked or ignored. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your golf cart is equipped with seat belts.


Seat belts are the most important safety feature in any vehicle, and that includes golf carts. Seat belts not only help to protect occupants in the event of a crash, but they also help to keep riders in their seats while the cart is in motion. This is especially important when driving on hilly terrain, where the cart can potentially tip over and send passengers flying.


When shopping for a golf cart, be sure to look for one that has seat belts installed. Many of the newer models come with seat belts, but if your cart doesn’t, you can easily have them installed. Look for a seat belt kit that is specifically designed for your make and model of golf cart. The installation process is generally quite simple and can usually be done with basic tools.


In addition to installing seat belts, it’s important to ensure that they are being used properly. All passengers should always be wearing their seat belts when the cart is in motion, no matter how short or slow the trip may be. It’s also important to make sure that the seat belts are adjusted properly, so that they fit snugly against the rider’s body.


Golf cart seat belts are an important safety feature that should not be overlooked. By making sure to equip your cart with seat belts and using them properly, you can help to ensure the safety of all passengers on board.