Stenten's Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at:

Stenten's Golf Cart Accessories
2785 Commerce Pkwy
North Port, FL 34289

What are your hours?

Stenten's is open Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm.

Can I buy parts & accessories directly from you?

Stenten's is a wholesale supplier we have no retail sales.  If you are a dealer and sell golf cart parts and accessories please contact us to set up an account.

I purchased a product that has your name on it will you warranty it?

We stand behind all of our products for 1 year from purchase.  If you purchased the part through one of our dealers you will need to contact them to start the process of the warranty.

I'm looking for a part that you don't have but another supplier does can you source it for me?

We try to carry a large inventory of parts but with the growing industry it is near impossible to have everything.  We would be more than happy to research any part you may be looking for.  Just let us know where you found it and we will do our best to supply it to you.

I'm building a website can you help with product photos and other information?

All of our dealers who are signed up for our website have access to this information.  It is located under the My Account tab then find the Dealer Information on the left hand side.  You can use our product photos on your website, handouts, and all promotional materials.  We do ask that you DO NOT use our logo without express written consent.

Can I place my order via e-mail?

If you are more comfortable e-mailing orders and you are one of our current dealers please e-mail order to Sales@Stenten.com and be sure to include the following information in your e-mail:

Account Name
Account Number          PO#
Part #           Part Description            Quantity

As always you can call us directly and place your order.

Will you put a link on your website to our website?

We allow Dealer logos and website links to be submitted for addition to our Dealer's Page only.

I can't find a product on your site that I know you sell why isn't it there?

We are adding new products to our site daily.  If there is a product you order frequently or need to order that you don't see on our site please send us a note and we will add it to the top of our list for you.

What is your Holiday schedule?

Our Holiday schedule can be found here: http://www.stenten.com/t/Stenten's%20Holiday%20Schedule